Come! The stage awaits you

Sishurvethi Pashurvethi Vethi Ganarasam Phanihi” so it is said.

The essence of music can be experienced by all creatures- from a child to an animal to a snake. Such is the beauty of music! Lord Vishnu Himself mentioned to Narada that he resides neither in Vaikuntha nor in the hearts of Yogis but settles in places where His devotees sing.  That is the effect of music!  Perhaps, there is nobody who does not even hum some sort of musical sounds.    

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The ‘ocean’ of music has performers of different levels, from ‘ace swimmers’ to ‘toe dippers’, yet others who sit and enjoy observing the waves.


Interestingly, there are some people who have the ability to sing but who have inhibition due to reasons like diffidence, shyness, stage-fear etc.,



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Ability to sing or play any instrument either in Carnatic or Hindustani classical style and willingness to attend the music sessions regularly are the only basic requirements to be enrolled as members.  Membership is FREE.  In due course, those who had never performed on stage would be able to make a debut.

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sunday, 08 April 2018 4:00PM IST

The session will have two rounds with the first round of mandatory classical or semi-classical performance and the second round of a film song (with or without karaoke) or another classical or semi-classical.  Proposed to experiment with any 3 members singing one keertana in collaboration (one charanam each member).